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Introducing our 'at the road side' Web Site support service Introducing our 'at the road side' Web Site support service
Website Design from Rays Web Design Studio and Home Call Computer Services - Lincolnshire

HCCS recognises that from time to time our clients need advice or help setting up and maintaining their website. As we continuously strive to improve our service we are pleased to be able to provide an affordable addition to our service aimed at helping you maintain your website so that it looks and runs the way you want.

HCCS are pleased to help you to make changes to your website whether it is the simple addition of a new line of text, changing your site photo's, or just moving things around. We can of course write new pages and design complete websites. - view some example websites - HCCS are also happy to show you how to make simple changes and to help you understand the world of XHTML and CSS and to set up your own eCommerce website.

We are happy just to:

  • add a new line of text
  • swop images
  • change a page layout
  • reset or add images
  • change font types
  • add a new page

Equally we are happy to help you

  • plan your website
  • or show you how to achieve the look you want
  • or build you a website
  • page by page at a pace to suit your pocket

Being here to help you

  • achieve the layout you want
  • in a considerate
  • helpful
  • affordable way
  • with the odd bit of telephone support thrown in for free